Friday, May 15, 2009

A Simple Win

I got this message from someone from New Vintage Church on Facebook. I love hearing this kind of stuff. Keep 'em coming Angel!

"Hey Micah!
I wanted to share something with you. I just received a message from a woman that lives in Milwaukee. I have never met this woman, but she has followed my son's story through a hospital carepage I have set up for him. She has often written to me with encouragement through different things with my son. Anyway, she found me here on FB. She sent me a message today saying that she found New Vintage through my FB page. She went to the NVC website and she has been listening to Andy's sermons. She said, "I don't have an iPod so I have to sit at my computer and listen to him".....She went on to say what a wonderful communicator he is and what a wonderful gift he has. She also mentioned that she is thinking of buying an iPod so she can continue listening, but doesn't have to sit at her computer to do so!! I thought this was so cool!! Someone I have never met and lives in Milwaukee (Danny Gokey country :-) ) and she is able to enjoy New Vintage just as much as I am!!! Praise the Lord!! Thought you might like to hear this and pass on to Andy!


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DriveEurope '09

Check this out - DRIVE is going to Europe!

DriveEurope '09 Promo from North Point Media on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Spontaneous Dance at DRIVE '09

Before one of the sessions at Drive there were people in the audience that were strategically sitting and spontaneously starting dancing. This is how they taught the dance to the staff and volunteers involved. It was awesome.

Drive Conference 2009 - Dance - Session 2! from John on Vimeo.

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Snapshots of DRIVE '09

I'll post my reflections, notes and some quotes later, but here's a visual taste of what happened at DRIVE '09.

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