Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Harvest

We are back in Fresno again if you havn't heard already. Micah has been working at New Harvest now for two weeks. Today was his third Sunday. We are really loving the church, and the many new people we are meeting. The youth group, TurnPike, is a wonderful group of teens. They have been very welcoming to us, and we are continuing to get to know all of them. There are so many names and faces to get to know and remember. It is also such a blessing to be close to my family again. We live within a 5 mile radius of just about everyone in my family. It has been a drastic change from living 5 hours away. We are loving it! We are all settled in our apartment. It didn't take long since I can't function when things aren't in order. : ) I am starting my student teaching on Tuesday. I will be in a sixth grade class for my first 7 weeks. That will be a very new experience for me, but I am excited. Miss you all who aren't in Fresno! Hope to keep in touch with everyone. Much love.

Trip to Washington

It has been awhile since I have blogged, so there is a lot to update you all on. I know Micah created a different blog, so you may be looking at that one, but I don't know how to post on it, so I'll just stick with this for now. : ) We had a great time in Washington a few weeks ago visiting with the Foster side of the family. We went ATV riding, visiting the falls, had a family dinner at BeniHana, went to a Beaver baseball game, and played lots with the nephews. We took family pictures at a park near Don and Cheryl's house. It was such a fun time with family! We already can't wait to go back. Micah and I went to Seattle for our anniversary. I had never been there before. It was a perfect day. We walked around and saw the sites and ate dinner at a great place on the water. We spent the night and then ate lunch at a McDonald's on the water. Micah was very happy about that and I gave in since I could at least look at the water while eating greasy unhealthy food. haha. It was a wonderful one year anniversary.