Thursday, December 29, 2005

Need an update?

Well, it has been awhile since either of us have posted anything on here, so I will bring you all up to date on what has been going on with us. Micah still loves his new job at Whittier. We are planning to move into an apartment there on February 4. It is a two bedroom, two bath place with a washer and dryer inside. We are very excited about that! Living in Whittier will be great for Micah because he will be so close to work and his job. I am excited about the move as well, except it will mean a few months of a long commute to Pepperdine. Please pray that God will keep me safe on the roads during that time.
We just got back from Christmas in Fresno yesterday. It was so much fun and great to be with my family for a few days. However, we are missing the Fosters up north because we did not get to see them for the holidays this year. We will see them at the Zoe conference in January though. Yippee!
I will begin my part time student teaching after the break. I am excited and dreading it at the same time, but more excited. : ) Graduation is not too far away. My parents have already made reservations to come down for it. I can't believe how fast the time has gone.
Micah and I are both sick now...I guess it's just that cold that is going around. We are hoping to be better for New Year's Eve so we don't miss out on all the fun! That is all I have for now.
Love you all,

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