Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jericho, KS - Season 2

Jericho, incase you missed it, was the best show on television last year. CBS pulled it off the air after it's season finale, which was a nail-biter. One of the key phrases used in the season-finale with "nuts." In order to understand it, you'd have to watch the finale, if you want to click here. Basically, the term was used to say, we're not going without a fight.

Fans of Jericho picked up this terminology and used it to send a message to CBS executives. They sent thousands of pounds of peanutes from to the excutives with notes that said, "Nuts to you CBS!" Meaning, you can't take our show without a fight. Suprisingly the executives decided to give the show another shot. They rearranged their summer schedule to re-show the first season. The second season is about to start up again!

You can read about the crazy fan campaign to save the show here.

I never thought fans of a tv show could mobilize together like this. Imagine what the church could do together if we would mobilize.

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Jericho Saved said...

What a campaign it was! I miss it sometimes but am glad Jericho is back.