Thursday, April 17, 2008

Creative Chaos // 7

Los challenged us today to think of something creative we've done recently. This past Sunday night in Catalyst, our high school student ministry environment, I decided to run the light board. We pulled away all of our seating accept for six couches and some floor space. Basically, we forced them to sit together, very  intimately. The result...they felt each other's presence. They sang. They were louder than ever. They were more comfortable than ever. They were real. Here's a video of our band practicing. (Warning: Not good quality sound, but hey it's just a flip camera.)

Embedded Video

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1 comment:

Emily Isabell said...

I really liked it without every one at the tables. It was definitely more personal and we all really came together and experienced God like we've never felt at Catalyst before. All in all, a great night.