Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ben Stein's "EXPELLED" Movie

Check out this video. This is going to be a good flick.

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Fergul Menhaden said...

As Christians it is important for us to oppose that demon science. They have lied to us about the earth NOT being in the center of the universe and the earth being more than 6000 years old. Lies all!

Glory be that Ben Stein has the sense and knowledge to take on the science devils. They preach the teachings of SATAN and influenced the Nazi's! If this film stops one person from burning in hell with scientists and the homos and the Mud People then it is a great film.

This is the turning point. I see Christian America rising up against the science devils in revolt! Glory be the day that we tear down your liberal universitys of lies, burn the scientists and turn those labs into chapels for the Lord!

Micah Foster said...

whoa, this guy is crazy!