Monday, March 03, 2008

Fun Nuggets of Information

I am two years older than my wife.
I love Diet Coke.
I used to be addicted to Counter-Strike, now I just play every once in a while.
I have a dog named Cooper - the neighbors don't like him.
I live in a gated-community (renting).
I am addicted to
I love to go the movies.
I went to Pepperdine University.
I was in a vocal group called Won By One for three years.
I spent 3 months in Germany (2002).
I am in the process of Replacing Myself in many areas of my work.
I love my Maker.

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1 comment:

Grogg said...

You left some out...

You love Yosemite
You like to play Risk all night while drinking Mountain Dew
In college you sustained yourself on a diet of popems, diet coke, and those little pink frosted cookies from Ralphs
You sang in a Christian boy band in high school (opening for La Rue once even)
You moved back to the 'No for some strange reason

Umm....there's probably more, but that should do for now.