Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kristian Stanfill Answers My Question

Last week I discovered hidden away in the depths of the blogosphere that Kristian Stanfill, worship leader and song-writer, has a blog. You may have heard him from his EP called Hello, which is available on iTunes or from a Passion CD or even from the Northpoint Live CD's. I commented on his blog. This is how he responded to my question:

"Micah asks:

are you working on any new songs? any new stuff coming out soon? 

micah…thanks for asking broseph.  i LOVE writing songs and am constantly working hard at it.  i’ve got a large handful of songs that im trying to finish up right now.  we’ve also been writing as a band and have a few songs that we are all really excited about.  we are hoping to get in the studio in november to start recording our first full length record."

Check out the post for yourself and RSS him.

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