Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Connor Williamson // Prayers Needed

In our weekly staff meeting Stacy, our Communication's Director, told us about how she recently found Facebook and was able to connect with some old friends. She then proceded to tell how a foreign exchange student she interacted with in high school had a prayer request on her facebook profile. That prayer request was for a high school student named Connor Williamson.

Connor was in a diving accident at Hume Lake Christian Camp earlier this summer and has been in Fresno at Community Regional Medical Center.

Last night at Re:action, our college ministry, I was asking our guys for prayer requests and one of our newest guys, DJ McKay, asked for prayers for his friend Connor. He then talked about how Connor used to lead worship and play drums and that eventhough Connor is now paralyzed and still in ICU, the first thing he wants to do when he gets out is go back to Hume Lake and talk to those kids about Jesus. He's not depressed. He's not mad. He just wants to worship God and give him praise. Connor sounds like an awesome guy. We prayed for him last night and I'm asking you to pray for him.

You can check out the entire story and get regular updates at www.connorwatch.org. The family needs financial and prayer support. Help them out if you can.

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