Monday, January 05, 2009

Heath Cloutier Plays Zilch for the first time

Erica and I spent New Year's Eve at P.U.M.P. Church (Portland Urban Mission Project) with my sister, Cheronn. We played Zilch (aka Farkle) and other games with some people from the church. Heath Cloutier, an old Won By One member, works at PUMP as their Executive Director. He's funny. Here's a short video of him reaction to his first roll of the game.

Embedded Video

I'll post more video about PUMP later, along with the tweets we met at New Year's. Follow @pumpchurch for regular updates.

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<>< Ryan said...

Ah, I miss Heath. Jealous you guys got to hang out with the PUMP peeps.

Ryan and Kelly Loftis said...

lol, that was awesome :)