Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Move

Sunday was packed full of events.
  • It was Erica's last day at New Harvest Church as the Children's Ministry Director. They gave us an official send-off blessing during both services.
  • We packed our U-Haul (Erica, her mom, her sister and Jenn went ahead of me). We had some amazing packers.
    • Dana & Paul were the master-packers
    • Donna & Stacy were the supervisors / cake distributors
    • Chris was the gatherer of teenage help
    • And many, many others...too many to mention.
  • I drove the U-Haul from Fresno to Santa Rosa, Ca. with Cooper riding co-pilot. (He barked at the lady on the toll bridge, but otherwise slept.)
The day should have finished with us arriving in Santa Rosa. But no, we pushed it.
  • Grant and Jenn Saunders from New Vintage Church met us, gathered some people and powered through an unload! It was awesome!
  • We slept in our own bed.
Many thanks to many people for helping us move. We're getting settled in, but here are some pictures for you to gaze upon until....oh, let's say, tomorrow.


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