Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Student Ministry Wins

Here are some wins from this past Sunday!
Here are some comments I received from this past Sunday...
"The band was rocking!"
- a volunteer
"What a great Sunday morning at Turnpike.  The worship was almost perfect.  The Holy Spirit used Greg to speak excellent truth.  This all added to some great discussion in the 7th grade boys group."
- a volunteer
"let me just say that worship today was AMAZING. you guys played my three of my favorite songs, ever. it really spoke to me, so thanks! :)"
- a senior student

I thought Sunday was great as well.  Greg spoke truth and it provoked some good questions.  I had the 8th & 9th grade girls but they didn't seem to discuss the message like I had hoped.  Later that night as I spoke with my student and I asked him if his life looked different then his non Christian friends.  The conversation got pretty deep.  The short version is sometimes he feels like he is missing out on what looks like fun, cool behavior because he is a Christian.  Anyways maybe you can turn that in to a message some Sunday.  I know I felt that way as a teenager & as an adult some times.  I'm sure there are other kids out there that feel the same way."
- a volunteer and a parent
Other wins we experienced on Sunday:
4 new students
4 new Student Impact sign-ups
3 Possible new volunteers in Turnpike (1 for sure - to be with the 8th grade girls group)
1 Possible new addition to the worship team (a first time visitor expressed interest in singing)



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