Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To Engage or Disengage Culture? That is the question.

About a month ago I received an email from a concerned parent of one of our students. She gave me the down-low about a new movie coming out entitled The Golden Compass. I think you know what she's talking about. There's all kinds of hype from my brothers and sisters in Christ about how evil this book and soon-to-be released movie is. Here's a thought though. Why don't we, adults, watch the movie and/or read the book and learn what's going on in culture. I heard the author of the book say this quote on T.V. a couple of weeks ago, "My books are about killing God." But why are we so afraid of a human's effort to kill the divine. I got news for ya, it ain't gonna happen. Even if all belief in our great God ceased, He would not die. He's not dependant upon our belief for His survival. However, we're dependant on His. From everlasting to everlasting our God reigns and there's no man that can shake that solid truth. I might see the movie because I want to be able to answer the questions and engage in conversation with people when they have just come out of the movie. Instead of getting up in arms about it, let's embrace the opportunity to talk to people about it. Just some can read what others (Guitarist from Third Day) are saying as well.

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Brother Dan said...

Good stuff. Don't boycott this film. I'm not expecting it to be too good, though. I'm thinking it's going to be as good as the Chronicles of Narnia.

Your thought made me think of the Tower of Babel. I use to think that God scattered everyone because He thought people would overthrow Him. But I don't think God's freaked out about that. He's upset there because humans aren't doing what they were told: spread out and be the image of God across the world. I don't know how we represent God when we want to ban every critical voice. We risk actually becoming the Christianity in V for Vendetta. Pullman's sharp and has it out against religion as a whole. Let's listen and bring kids up in the conversation rather than teach them to despise everything that isn't the same as them.

You're right, if there is a God, we can't kill Him. And we can't make Him go away.

PS: I'll be here for another 2.5 years. It's a pretty long program.