Thursday, January 24, 2008

Axis Community Church Plant

I just read this blog post from this dude...I had no idea of the projected growth of our great city. Wow, now I'm asking God to bust our doors wide open...create more churches that seek His face and plant, plant, plant!

"Join our Launch Team?

By 2020 our population in Fresno is projected to grow by 362,000 people. If we were to provide a church for only 10% of the new growth, we will need 72 new churches with 500 members.

No county in America has more Christians in it today than it did 10 years ago. Church planting is the most biblical way of evangelism. The Church is God’s plan for a broken and lost world.

Even though church planting is extremely important and significant, you don’t need any special skills to join this church planting team. We are looking to increase the size of this team every single day until we ‘launch’ in May.

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