Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HIRED: Sean Richey

Today a new higher was approved by our Elders. Sean Richey a recent graduate from Buchanan High School is going to be working with us part-time through the summer. At the end of the summer he will be packing up and moving to New York to attend the Manhattan School of Music as a Jazz Guitar major. I am extremely excited about working with him thris summer. Not only will it allow us to have an even better worship experience in all of our student ministry environments. Not only will he help train the next up-and-coming worship leaders at our church. Not only will I be able to pour into him everything I can before I leaves for college, but he is not grauating his faith. So many high school graduates graduate their faith when they graduate high school. Sean is building his up more and more before he leaves for college. This is a big win for New Harvest Church. Give Sean some encouragement when you see him!

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