Thursday, July 03, 2008

Creative Chaos 17 // The Send Off

This is part of the Crative Chaos blog carnival.

One of the things we like to do around here is have fun together. Donna Cooper was my boss until a few weeks ago. She was hired for a specific task and she completed that task. She's moved on to do other things and is now volunteering in our large group environments for Highway14 (1-4) and INNERchange (5-6). Here is a video from our last staff meeting with Donna.

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1 comment:

Thurman8er said...

Hey, Micah!

I just saw your comment and wanted to come over here and say hey. But then I got stuck watching that darn Japanese video like 10 times.

I was thinking about your church a couple of days ago. I was wondering if there were any baseball stories coming from the pulpit.

Love you, bro. Keep up the awesome work.