Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Re:action - A Growing Movement

Here are two pictures from our band practice for Re:action last night. This past year has been a long journey for this group. You can read a little about what Erica said about that here. Long story short. We created Re:action because there was NOTHING for our graduating seniors to go to. If want to help bring hte statistic down that approximately 80% of churches kids graduate their faith when they graduate high school...we've got to be part of the solution. We've got to have something for them to be a part of besides our main adult services alone.

So, we created Re:action. It stands for Ripple Effect: Action. Basically the idea is that every action we take creates a ripple effect that either positively or negatively impacts our circles of influence. We're hoping to help students continue thier faith journey when they graduate high school and help them to become agents of change in their circles of influence. Last night was a great night and I think it helped us build some momentum that we were in need of. God is at work.

If you are a college-aged person (18-24), feel free to come check us out. We're hoping to grow into a movement of students that wants to reach our community and our world for Christ. We meet on Monday nights from 7-9pm. The first half hour (7-7:30pm) is a hang out time and then we have some worship, a short message and some prayer time together. Email me if you have any questions. Or join our Facebook group to get regular updates.

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