Friday, February 20, 2009

Living Room Events

Foyer-Living Room-Kitchen (want to know more, click here and watch the "next" video)

That's the strategy of New Vintage Church. We want to move people through steps to end up in the Kitchen (Small Groups).

In a couple of weeks we're having three different Living Room events:

MarriedLife Live
SingleLife Live
20-Somethings Night Out

I'm speaking at the 20-Somethings Night Out.

If you were speaking, what would be your topic? If you were attending, what would you want me to talk about?

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The Flynn Family said...

20somethings need to know that these years are for exploring/getting to know who they are in Christ. So alot of ambiguity about family/job/career/identity is okay. Just stay rooted in the Church and in the Scriptures and personal devotion (almost exactly in that order) and listen for the Lord's leading.

Conversations said...

Hi I'm Dave Magill, I work with a little plant (of sorts) in York, England.

Cool post. Really good question to be asking. We have just started a relaunched church plant and as we prayed God seemed to be saying to build our strategy around Front door-living room-kitchen-back door.

We're targeting the 20-somethings as well as in England as in most Western societies they are the most unchurched.

As to what we say...

We focus on Jesus covenant with us and we emphasise the freedom it brings (as there is a big misconceived idea about legalistic Christianity here.) We also emphasise that each one, right now is useful and necessary for the salvation and transformation of our city.

I could go on, but I've written to much.

Daniel Rhoten said...

My 2 cents:

Share out of your own pain and experience how you struggled towards intimacy with God, wrestled with doubts, lost a loved one, had a moral failure... short but passionate.

Then ask them how they are struggling (they are). Have a conversation instead of a monologue.

Show them it's safe for them to be real with you.

Anonymous said...

open it up to the kids. we all have so much to deal with and so much in our heads and our hearts. theres no telling how many people are just dying to burst out with the stuff thats weighing them down!