Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Madness

This weekend has been great and crazy! Why you ask?

  • We cleaned our place
  • Our old boss, Donna Cooper, and her family came to visit us
  • I worked at our Saturday night worship service
  • We went out to eat with the Cooper's to a place called Carmen's Burger Bar (thank you Amy for the suggestion)
  • The Coopers had to leave early for something at Angel Island
  • I worked at our Sunday morning worship service (I made an announcement too)
  • Erica worked all morning at the Amgen Tour of California (it was raining hard and cold)
  • I picked her up, we at at Baja Fresh
  • We went home, she napped and I worked some more
  • I went to INVERT (NVC's High School Ministry)
  • During our service I got a call from Erica, her sister was stuck at the SFO airport on her way back from Eugene, OR
  • We left Santa Rosa around 6:35pm to pick her up, we returned home at 10:30pm (long drive - raining really hard the entire way!)
  • Got up at 4:30am to take Kelly back to SFO
  • Took a detour on the way home to Sausalito for Starbucks (turns out the Tour of California started there today on their next leg)
  • Got a hot Green Tea
  • Read some YouVersion
  • Got hom around 8:30am
  • Slept
  • Made two videos
  • Twittered
  • Facebooked
  • Emailed
  • Now I'm going to the store to make dinner
  • Our friends are coming for dinner
What did you do?

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