Monday, February 23, 2009

NVC Production Team Wins // 2.21.09-2.22.09

Wins are where we scored, hit the bullseye and something went right.

Yesterday was my first day leading the Production Team at New Vintage Church. I've been learning a lot from Dan Fisher over the past month of what the Multi-Media Team does at NVC.

Here's the weekend run-down:
  • We were severely short-staffed this past weekend, so most of our volunteers stepped up to the plate on Thursday or Friday of last week. Thanks guys! Incredible!
  • Saturday: John (Lights), Sy (ProPresentor) and Tom (Sound)
  • John was cross-trained in ProPresentor before service and can now fill another position in rotation for us!
  • Tom and Sy hadn't been on in the rotation for a few months and I'm so happy that they were there helping us out on Saturday night. Let's continue to build the team so that the rotation is large and not a drain on any one person.
  • Sunday: Wes & Riley (Stage Hands), Jerome (ProPresentor), Allen (Sound) Gary & Wes (Stage Set Up) and the Wells Fargo Guys too. We were set up in record time, way before the musicians where ready to practice. That's huge guys! Keep it up.
  • The dancers were "stunning," especially on Sunday with the spots only! It really was the graceful illsutration Andy was looking for.
  • Lighting overall was "A-W-E-S-O-M-E" according to Julie McIntosh. 
  • Many of our normal volunteers were able to take the weekend off, going out of town or spending time with their families. I'm glad you guys got some rest.

    moz-screenshot-1.jpg by you. moz-screenshot-2.jpg by you.
This next series, HOSTAGE, is going to be awesome. It starts next week. Check out the video invitation below:

What are some WINS you noticed? I'd like to hear.

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Micah Foster said...

I forgot to mention that ALICIA scheduled everyone...she does a great job! Thanks!

Michael said...

niiiice! love the pics. sounds like alot of fun man.