Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Recap

Easter Sunday has come and gone again at New Vintage Church (web/twitter). I don't want to say too much, but rather leave you with some iPhone pics and a video I took from my flip mino. Not great quality, but that's okay.

Production Team: Who was on?
Pro Presenter- Greg C.
Stage Right- Wes
Stage Left- Don F. & Dan
Sound- Kelsey
Stage Setup- John I. & Duane
Producer- Micah

WINS from this past weekend:
  • We packed out two services a the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts!
  • The production crew was lightning fast-despite the 6:45am call time!
  • There was a huge energy in the room, especially during first service! People were moved. I heard about people "laughing, crying and being impacted."
  • The song "Overcome" along with the video was a huge hit! People cheered after the video faded out and the band did a great job leading us into worship.
  • I saw people really responding in worship. It's great to see surrender in worship. People were prasing God by singing out, dancing around, raising their hands and their hearts!
  • Jack Blades, of Night Ranger, did a great job with his orginal song, "Long to be Close to You" and people really enjoyed the "My Sweet Lord" song as well. (Watching Wes and Dan act as the choir was possibly the most humorous moment of the morning)
  • The old hymn, "Jesus Paid It All" revamped was a big hit. People told me after the service that they loved it!
  • Randy Waller stepped up and took care of a little tech. emergency. We left an in-ear monitor at the old building and he found a way to get it for us! Thanks Randy!
  • Dan Fisher programmed out two moving lights that sit on the ground at the back of the stage. Don and Dan had fun building an incredible lighting experience for us from backstage!
  • After Jack Blades played the first service without his acoustic plugged in we had a revelation - he needs a roadie - pretty funny.
  • Dan Fisher is also responsible for getting a live video feed to the screens in the lobby as well as lowering our projector screens so that people's necks don't hurt while looking at them! Thanks Dan!
  • I also heard about a little girl in the bathroom singing the song "One Way" after the service. So great to see people connecting with lyrics and melodies that praise Him!
Here are some quotes I've seen on Facebook over the past few hours:

"Wow Easter Service was SO good!!!!! I laughed, I cried I danced!!!!"
"Such a great Easter service experience!"
"Wonderful Easter Service, my son was visiting from NY and loved it so did my daughter and her bf."
"This morning was awesome. Thanks so much....I'm sure it took a huge about of thought, time, energy, and prayer to put it all together."
"Hey Andy, Church was AMAZING today! Thanks!!!! Happy Easter to you and your family."
"God was using you, Andy! The service was great!! God is faithful!!"
"Awsome service today!! I was speechless and that is hard to do!"

We'd love to hear your stories about Easter. Were you impacted? Did you bring people that were impacted? Share with us on facebook here.

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