Thursday, April 02, 2009

Production Team WINS // 3-28 & 3-29

Here are some WINS from last weekend:

The Team:
Saturday - Kyle, Jim, and Micah
Sunday - Kelsey, Sy Richardson, Wes, John Iervolino and Micah
Sunday Night (Special Service) - Kyle, Jim, Seth and Micah
  • Last weekend was what I call headache galore weekend. We had all kinds of technical problems - but despite our equipment or manual failures - God shines through!
  • Andy said he continues to see more and more people he has never met - this is huge. It is partially due to the fact that our visiting people are returning. They're having a great experience and coming back! That's huge!
  • People loved the interview with Ken Johnson ( on Saturday night and the special service on Sunday night. Andy said he's getting email after email telling him how much they enjoyed the experience. Thanks to Kyle, Jim and Seth for stepping up for that service.
  • I had several people ask for a recording of Sunday night's service - they connected with the material and wanted to share it with others.
  • GroupLink went great - lots of people signed up to be in small groups for the first time!
  • Our screens were a big issue on Sunday - sometimes God likes to stick his finger in the machine so that we don't forget...He is in charge, He makes it all happen - He just allows us to be a part of the process.
  • We're expecting 1800-2000 people for Easter! Wow - 2 Services and packin' it out! I'm excited.
  • John I. and the set up team actually talked about some biblical stuff on Sunday. That's the first time the WFCA guys have really show an interest in knowing what we believe about certain issues. Keep praying more opportunities to talk about the gospel present themselves.
  • Do you have some wins?
The first picture is from the Sun night service.
The second picture is from a moment I had with God this past week. Have you had any moments with God lately? Find time. This always humbles me - Ecc. 5:1-7.

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