Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dry Bones Love

Yesterday a homeless man named Michael read 1 Corinthians 13 out loud to me. I was at Venice Beach with the Dry Bone Venice ministry. He kept emphasizing that if you have not love ... Nothing you do matters. Without love nothing matters. You can have faith and hope ... But if there's no love ... These things are worthless.

Check your heart and search for the love of God in you. Search for a compassionate Spirit that resides in you, God's Spirit.


Steve Foster said...

Hey, Micah and Erica...I enjoy reading all your blogs, your thoughts, and seeing the photos that tell another story. Thanks for keeping all of us informed and in touch.

Anonymous said...

Micah! I just randomly stumbled on this from Cliff and Tali's site. Congrats on the marriage.....that I assume has happened already??? I am a little out of the loop. I hope things are going well for you .... I really enjoyed your page man! Erica, Hi, I'm Tyson. (hand shake) nice to meet you!

Tyson Ward

Anonymous said...

By the way. email me sometime.