Saturday, July 02, 2005

What do you hope for?

Let's start this blog off with a thought provoking question that I pray I'll never stop asking. What do you hope for? Really think about it. What is it that you don't already have that you wish you did? Are you bored, uneducated or sloppy? Let's take it to the next level. What do you hope for yourself ten years from now?

I was recently asked this question and it was surprisingly hard to answer. But I finally came up with this, "I hope that I have two kids (since I'll be married this summer). I hope that I'll be a full time youth minister and a great husband. I hope that I'll have written a feature length film and had it optioned or possibly made. I hope that I'll be producing several local music groups from my backyard studio. And finally, I hope that I haven't passed up the opportunity to do great things in the name of the Lord."

What do you think? I encourage you to spend some time everyday thinking about what you hope for. And when you're done with that, focus on what you're thankful for as well. For example, I'm thankful for Erica Paige Solberg (soon-to-be-Foster) and her presence in my life. I am also thankful for supportive friends and a loving family.

When you can complete these two exercises everyday, it is my opinion that life will be more enjoyable and you'll be more focused and driven to accomplish your goals.

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