Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Tux Shop

I went with my brother, Jason, my mom and my nephews to the tux shop for a courtesy fitting. They're so cute. Here are the results ... in partial form.


Jeremy and Amber said...

These photos are so cute! Can't wait to see the boys at the wedding! Micah, congrats on completing your last tour and Erica, I am sure that you are thrilled for Micah to be home! We know the feeling! God bless you in these last few weeks before being married. We are so excited for you to be living down here in socal! We can't wait to hang out with you and "love on" you as friends and family!

Rick J said...

Thanks for the thoughts on my blog. Virginia and I enjoyed talking briefly with your folks in Fresno Saturday. We're praying that God blesses your marriage with love and purpose.