Monday, February 04, 2008

McChurch - McFranchise - McControversy

I just wanted to comment on something that I've seen all over BLOG world today. I could sit here and debate with you on why or why not it is good or not to franchise a church model...but instead I'll just offer up some information from other people...because I don't have anything original to add to the conversation. Just want to present the facts.

Pro Systematic Ministry:
Video Church Blog - The official Cumberland Church Blog with Pastor Eddie Johnson.
HippoChurch Blog - Commentary on what Eddie Johnson says from an North Point Community Church, the original church of this model of ministry.

Non-Pro Systematic Ministry:
Axis Community Church Blog - A church planter in Fresno, Ca and his opinions.

I respect everyone's individual views.

But I, however, have seen the model up-close-and-personal. And I buy it. I'd buy a franchise. I don't like phrasing it like that...but bottom line. Hook-line-and-sinker, I would buy one. Why? Because I think it's the most effective approach to ministry I have ever seen, have ever read about, have ever dreamed about. You have to experience it to understand my passion.

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1 comment:

axis community church said...

hi! I noticed that you mentioned my blog. I stopped by to say hello.

although i'm more against the 'franchise' church than for it... i'm certainly open minded about it. As a church planter, i can see many benefits.

One theological problem i have has to do with "being" the church. I don't think church is a meeting once per week or a building or a system - it's people who are 'called out ones'... but there's not enough time to delve deeper into that.

one more thing - although i'm not convinced that this 'franchise' thing is the best, i'm also convinced that anybody, anywhere who is trying to "do" or "be" the church is doing a good thing! I love the church in many forms!!!

oh, how do you know Paul Haugen??