Thursday, February 14, 2008

Paul Wright & Bob Smiley

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Wright (performing solo artist) and Bob Smiley (Christian Comedian). Youth leaders, pastors, volunteers and ministers were invited to a Spirit West Coast '08 luncheon with these two guys as well as the director of operations over Spirit West Coast. The lunch took place at New Covenant Community Church and the purpose of the lunch was to educate or re-educate us on Spirit West Coast.

We also heard about a fairly new youth camp that takes place right in the middle of the Spirit West Coast experience. How awesome is that? I'm going to check into that a bit deeper. It's called the Ammunition Conference.

Here's the funny thing though. I was just standing there with my wife, Brandon Howland and Melissa Howland when this guy walks up and says hello.

We start talking and I say, "So, what do you do?"

He says, "Well, I'm a solo artist. My name is Paul Wright."

Then I respond, "I'm a moron, I didn't know what you looked like."

Last night we were invited back to their concert for free. Thank you! They are incredibly talented men of God that just want to use their talent for the glory of God.

So, Paul, I told you I was going to provide you with some link love. Here 'tis bro. I hope you spread my custom-made "snap-shake" across the world.

One more note. Bob represented Compassion International. Just wanted to give them a link as well.

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