Friday, February 08, 2008

World Vision Experience

I went to the World Vision Experience this morning at Campus Bible Church. Basically, the point of the whole thing is to educate the church about the AIDS crisis in Africa. It's a walking-exhibit, much like one you might find in the Museum of Tolerance documenting the Holocaust, or the one in Oklahoma City documenting the Oklahoma City bombing.

You're given an iPod shuffle and some headphones. A narrator tells you the name of one of four children. It asks you to leave your present life situation and pretend that you are this child. Then you walk through an exhibit while the narrator tells the story of this child. At the end of the exhibit you walk through a medical clinic where you are tested for AIDS. After that you go into a prayer room and then write your own prayer to pin to a prayer wall. You then have the opportunity to sponsor a child. ($35/month)Here are some pictures from my Mathabo.

I was HIV negative! Unfortunately my friend Paul, who was Babirye had contracted the disease.

What will you do?

Sponsor a child?

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