Thursday, October 30, 2008

Into the Throne Room

Last night @ericafoster, @haugenpaul, @haugenjenn and myself went straight from work to Bakersfield, Ca. I know what you're thinking, "Why? Besides the occasional mention of Bakersfield in overly-dramatic TV shows like Brothers and Sisters, why would anyone have any interest in that place?" Before you judge, read ahead.

We went to the Phil Wickham & Fee Tour featuring Merideth Andrews at The Bridge Bible Church. We got to the concert right after Merideth Andrews had finished her set, but judging by her duet of Happy Day (Kim Walker style, minus the signature giggle) with Fee...she's got skills.

Fee's set led me right into the thrown room. His Louie Giglio-esque interjections and prayers were exactly why I needed to hear. I love this line from his song We Shine:

    We're Going into all the world
    Carrying the light of Jesus
    We shine, We shine
    In the Darkest Place We shine

Then he taught the crowd a new song. A song that had come to him in the middle of a concert and he has spontaneously sung. The four of us were the only ones in the place who already knew it, because we had heard Los sing it in a video on his blog. When we asked him about it, he said it was a new song from Fee and that it'd be out on his next CD. The song's lyrics are simple, yet powerful and the melody is catchy (which is a key component of a great worship song). The lyrics are:

    Give Glory to God
    Glory to God
    Glory to God

    Take my life and let it be
    All for You and for Your glory
    Take my life and let it be

After the concert I went up to him and asked him when we can get a copy of it, he said he'd put the chord charts up on his website in the next week. I can't wait to do this song in Student Ministries! Fee also said a hello to Turnpike and Catalyst on my flip camera...I'll be showing it on Sunday!

The tickets were only $12/person, but I would have paid $50 or more because you can't put a price on soul-filling worship! Let me put it in perspective. I don't cry much, but I had tears streaming down my face during that set, not because an awesome band was playing...but because an awesome God was filling the room.

I'll be putting up some video highlights later, but for now you'll have to settle with some pictures. (Oh yeah and Phil Wickham was great too.)

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