Monday, October 13, 2008

WINS from 10/12

  • We had 79 students yesterday with 7 registered visitors (and more that didn't fill anything out)
  • 45 students in high school! That's some kind of record for NHC.
  • I saw some students I hadn't seen in a while (Tyler Thomas, Jessica Twedt, etc)
  • More and more students are actually checking in! It's been hard because most students want to be under the radar.
  • I met a lot of people yesterday! I was able to talk to some teens hanging out after first service. They were pretty shy, but at least I was able to invite them to our student service.
  • I met some parents that want their two high schoolers to get involved. I got to tell them about what we do and give them some tips on how to get their kids here.
  • The band was GREAT and they played 2 new songs (Burn for You by Steve Fee and Your Love Never Fails by Chris Quilala) Chris is doing a great job leading them.
  • Chris Hudiburgh has offered to give free guitar and/or bass lessons - 12 students signed up yesterday!
  • Jonah Ribera is returning from a season off of drums. He's playing this coming week!
  • We had a great lunch from Taco Bell yesterday!
  • Last week I was able to see some students at the Freshman CW football game against Edison and the BHS vs. CW girls volleyball game. I was encouraged to see Ken Horton, small group leader, at the volleyball game supporting Ashley Ferguson and Hillary Brians! Great job Ken!
  • Jessica Steele, buchananeer, brought her two cousins on Sunday morning. Always good to see people bringing others!
  • The Negri's brought their cousins too!
  • Saturday night, Turnpike went to the Corn Maze. Robbie Schaak, Jacob Blomgren and I made it out in 15 minutes!
  • I'm meeting with 3 potential volunteers soon! Hoping to find that 8th grade boys leader!
  • Re:action went to the Fresno Fair last night (Sunday) and Chris did some Karaoke. Click to watch.
  • What WINS are you experiencing? - I really want to know!

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