Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WINS from 10/26

Here are some WINS we experienced this past week:
  • Last Saturday we had our first SG (small group) Challenge. We had 30-something students here playing human foosball, dodgeball, taking a silly cultural quiz and hanging out. It was a lot of fun for those involved. We'll be praying for our next one to be even better! (Feb 21)
  • On Sunday we did a combined service for Turnpike and Catalyst. That means after our worship time was over I spoke to both crowds. It was a great and energetic Sunday. Lots of students and a message that asks the question "are you all in for Christ?" Everything just came together to provide a high impact service. It's great to break the pattern every once in a while and just give students something they don't expect. We camped on the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Obnego...they were ALL IN. Then we talked about how Christ went ALL IN for us and how he wants us to be ALL IN for him. During the last song, after I spoke, we had students come up and get a poker chip from me, which represented being ALL IN.
  • After service on Sunday afternoon I recieved txt messages and myspace messages saying, "I'm ALL IN" and "I've been falling away a lot, but I want to be ALL IN" and the like.
  • I get pumped when people ask me about the worship music. Dawn Moats emailed me this week and asked for the recording artist of one of the songs we did. I love it!
  • Kelly Chandler, a freshman at City College, took some really cool pictures of the service on Sunday. I'll attach some of them.
  • She is also going to speak to our Jr High students in three weeks! This will be her debut as a speaker and we're so happy to finally have a female voice!
  • David and Veronica Mendez, parents of one of our students, were baptized on Sunday! Julian, their son, gave his life to Christ about a month ago!
  • I had some students txt me pre-sunday and tell me they weren't going to be there this week, but they'll be here this next week! Do you know why this is cool? They've only come twice so far! This is in large part due to our welcome team, small group leader and Debora Keeney - she calls all of our visitors! Thank you guys!
  • We had 4 registered visitors on Sunday! I txted them yesterday to say thanks for coming by and I hope we'll see you again and one of them (Jimmy) said, "Thanks man. It was good to meet you too. I really wish I came way earlier. You taught me a lot with just the short time there. I'll see you Sunday." YES!!!!!!!
  • Re:action, our college-age ministry, has now launched 2 different small groups. One meets on Sundays at my home and the other meets at the church building on Monday nights. I visited our Monday night group this past week to see how they were doing and I was greatly encouraged to see their openness and love for each other. They're learning a lot, going through Romans!
Here are some wins in response from Alicia Negri to last weeks' email:
  • 10,11,& 12th grade girls I had yesterday are really excited for a community project.  They came up with great ideas!!   My small group girls may end doing a project a month!!!
  • I spoke with Melissa Peterson again yesterday, she has attended 2 Sundays in a row. Ya.
  • I have to agree it was such a blessing to see Kyle Barker return!! 
  • The Marita girls from Clovis west returned yesterday.  They participated in sm group time.  One is a senior and one is a sophomore.  Great Family!!

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