Monday, October 20, 2008

WINS from 10/19

Here are some WINS from 10/19
Read 1 Cron. 16:8-12 and you'll know why we put these wins out every week!
  • Yesterday we had 44 Jr. High and 38 High School for a total of 82 students in CatlyPike yesterday...hahaha, I think that's a funny name
  • Mario Torres might be our new 8th grade boys small group leader. This would be HUGE!
  • Anita and Barbara, 8th grade girl leaders, are planning an outing to Sakura Chaya and a service project! This is what I like to see!
  • An 8th Grader, Robert Acevedo, gave his life to Christ on 10/12! Thank you Christian Hunt for leading him to Christ and following up with him during the week!!!!!!!
  • Students are starting to get the hang of actually moving in closer together away from the entrance and towards the stage. That helps a lot!
  • Despite our check-in computer problems yesterday we were able to capture two new students and 6 returning visitors. I believe this is largely due to the follow-up work Deborah Keeney has been providing with visitors! You are so awesome!
  • I saw Kyle Barker, a senior that's been gone for a few months, two Sundays in a row! I like these returner stories!
  • Rusty Karraker was greeting students and making them feel welcome! With his personality in that kind of can't get much better (though Josh Phanco gives him a run for his money)
  • I've had one Turnpike SGL contact me today saying that the discussion in their small group was great! This is a huge deal! The SG discussion is perhaps the most beneficial part of Sunday be
  • 10 people are scheduled for baptism this next Sunday! There are several others that are pending (Tanner Melton, 7th grade boy, is one of those pending people). IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN BAPTIZED, NOW WOULD BE A GREAT TIME TO START THINKING ABOUT IT. There is a baptism class on this Wednesday night for adults. Just call the office to set RSVP. (797.7000)
  • Kelly Chandler, college student, is going to be taking some photographs for us the next couple of weeks. She's taking a class and we need more pictures! It's a WIN/WIN
  • On Saturday night NHC hosted an event called MarriedLife Live. It was AWESOME! If you are married and were unable to attend, the next one is Feb. 14. I know what you're thinking...but it really would be a GREAT valentine's date! There were 300 + people there and at least 80 of them are not Christians. Wow! I've heard several really cool stories of connections and God moving through that event. Can't wait for the next one!
  • The new church website is almost online! Want a preview? Click here.
  • What are you WINS? Seriously, share.
WINS I got last week via email:
From Alicia Negri
  • The cousins that came to church yesterday liked it!!! That is a HUGH win. They don't go to church. The twins Alec & Arianna are in 7th gr at computech. Alec told me he really liked it and wants to come back. They all remembered the lesson & understood it! I will share more about this latter.
  • A 9th grade girl Melissa showed up again. I called her this weekend and ran in to her in the cafe. I pretty much kidnapped her to get her to come to catalyst. LOL. She seemed to enjoy it.
  • Cole hoover came to turnpike. Ya!
  • Jaycee is attending and sharing!!
From Barbara Hamel
  • I took role when we split the eighth grade girls, I had seven (in Group #2) two were visitors who said they would return next week.  Yeah!  We spoke of our Small Group Challenge and they seemed razzed about it.  Then when we talk about a community project they brainstormed a million ideas but settled on visits to retirement homes with emphasis on those who don't receive company.  Even though I explained the tasked may be pre-assigned, they were incredibly excited!

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