Monday, October 06, 2008

WINS from Sunday

  • Kent & Kristie Robison started as Freshman Small Groups Leaders on Sunday! They have already proven to be huge assets to Student Ministries. They each called their student lists before Sunday and introduced themselves as the new leaders for our freshman. Our freshman had been combining with other groups all summer long and now they finally have their own groups! Kristie was really excited to see of the names on her list!
  • The worship band was awesome! Chris Hudiburgh has been running their rehearsals and he was out of town on Sunday, but they were completely prepared and played great together without him leading on Sunday morning.
  • Josh Phanco and the Karrakers will be teaming up to be our Greeter organizers. They will be leading some students in that role in helping people feel welcomed as they enter into our space and helping them to get connected to people. We are so blessed to have these servants stepping up! Josh helped us on Sunday and was able to catch some people that hadn't filled our information sheets.
  • Dawn Moats, 7th Grade Girls leader, emailed me Sunday night informing me that her entire family was sick and she wouldn't be able to make it on Sunday morning. I immediately txted one of our College girls that already volunteers during first service and she jumped at the opportunity to help lead our girls during the small group time. Willing hearts are precious gifts.
  • Thanks to the Wong's & Schuler's we had a good time with our lunch time fellowship after second service. I was able to connect with several students and adults that I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know yet.
  • Two Jr. High brothers approached me yesterday and asked if they could get electric guitar lessons. They are fairly new to NHC and want to get involved in something positive. I'll be speaking with Chris about this opportunity.
  • I filled in as the 8th grade small group leader yesterday morning and Robbie Schaak shared that his cousin Chad needs prayer. I love to see honest and real prayer requests and soft hearts for people!
  • Barbara Hamel, 8th grade girls leader, said that she loves how Family Ministry (Children's/Students) are run. She said that nobody else is doing what we're attempting and it's so exciting to see people developing their ministry rapidly.
  • Last Monday at Re:action we had a new girl, Beth. She's a friend of Jenna Ribera's and she's exploring faith. She came by herself and had the courage to hang out with people she's never met before. I keep praying for more connection opportunities with people like Beth to plug into Re:action.

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