Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SM WINS from 11/16

Ok, lots to write today, it's been a great week:
  • The worship band introduced a new song called "Glory to God" and it was received really well! Even as the band was practicing pre-service Blake Stephens, a 7th grade student, was singing along with the band. It's just that kind of song that declares what your soul has been trying to scream.
  • A couple of weeks ago a two-year-old asked an adult volunteer if she could meet the student ministry band. That volunteer took her in and introduced her to the band and all the guys got down on her level and talked with her. That moment meant more to her than these guys will ever know.
  • Kristi Robison, 9th grade girls SGL, emailed me Sunday evening saying the worship response was the best since they've (Kristi and Kent) started serving and they really feel like they are in the right spot!
  • Chris, a student I've mentioned once or twice, played with the worship team. Yet another small step towards Christ for this student!
  • I was in INNERchange, our 5th and 6th grade ministry environment, on Sunday and was able to be the Host. We decided that one or two times a year it would be good for me to pop in and introduce myself in some way so that they are familiar with my face before they move up. I have a blast and got a text from one of the parents later in the day that said the kids had a great time with me.
  • I had the opportunity to speak with visiting family before service. They just stopped by to see what we do for students between services. I think they'll try it out this next week.
  • Carly, a 14-year-old girl, came to our student services for the first time on Sunday. She's been attending our adult worship services since we moved into the plant. According to Kristi Robison, she loved it and will be back next week!
  • I got this email from Erica, our Children's Ministry Director (and my wife), "Also, a win for you. There was a girl (I forget her name) serving in Rosi’s area. She is in high school, and was serving at 10:45am because she didn’t want to go to Catalyst even after we tried to encourage her several times. She hasn’t been showing up to serve, so Rosi called her and she is now going to Catalyst every week. I was pretty excited! Now, maybe she will serve at 9am."
  • Nic Smith has been able to channel his energy into serving as a classroom facilitator during first service for a while. Erica made checklists to help the CF's do their job more effectively and Nic did awesome this past week!
  • I met a new adult in our church named Tim. Tim has worked with teens in Southern California for a number of years and wants to help out in our student ministries department. He sat in on our service on Sunday and loved it. We're meeting to follow up when he gets back into town next week.
  • Most of our volunteers met together pre-service on Sunday and had a time of prayer together...it was encouraging to see the bond of our leaders deepening because of the Spirit leading us into more prayer.
  • This past week, some of your may be aware that a student at Buchanan died, I got a text during the week asking if we were going to talk about it on Sunday. I held a time of prayer with some students from Buchanan after service on Sunday and it really felt like they were coming together on the issue. They want to be the hands and feet of Jesus on their campuses.
  • Ryan Smith, 10th grade SGL and communicator, spoke to our high school students on Sunday and asked them to respond by laying something down at the foot of the cross. He brought the cross down in front and had Kai DiMino play some acoustic guitar while students wrote their sins, fears, frustrations, struggle, or whatever they need to give up and they brought those things forward. I have 41 little pieces of paper with all kinds of stuff written on them. For many of these students, this is the big step of faith. We will continue to pray over these requests.
  • Greg Zuffelato, Family Life Director, spoke to our Jr. High school students on Sunday about how God is the God who heals. He interviewed Rosi Borsch, our pre-school coordinator, about her struggle and healing from Leukemia. You could tell that her story and answering their questions made a real impact on their lives.
  • Dawn Moats, 7th grade girls SGL, told me last week that she was trying to help her girls understand how big of a deal it is that Jesus would actually sacrifice himself for us. She asked them if they have pets and if they'd be willing to let their pets be beaten and slaughtered through a long drawn-out death. Some of them understand how big of a deal this really is for the first time through this little analogy. This week one of her girls came up to her and told her that her dog had been attacked by another dog and they found it this past week. She said, "I get it." Through a really tough and hard situation that girl understands on a personal level, in a very small way, what a big deal it is for Christ to sacrifice himself in that way for us.
  • We reminded the students about the discipline and act of worship called tithing on Sunday and several of them gave for the first time. One of these students gave even though his family is going through a really difficult time financially. That's awesome!
  • Kabi Bane, one of our students, has received tons of pray from both volunteers and students over the past few weeks. I texted our high schoolers asking them to pray for her last week before she went into surgery and many of them texted me back and said they would. Kabi is coming home today.
  • Gail Dunn was at our adult services on Sunday! Some of the doctors didn't know if she would make it...and she's home! Praise God! I know our church family surrounded her in prayer!
  • ALL of our Thanksgiving boxes (200) sold on Sunday! This Sunday they will be delivered to families connected to the Patty Project.
  • In 2 weeks, Nov. 30th, student ministries is inviting Parents to join our service @ 10:45am. The focus of the morning is to promote OPEN communication between parents and teens.
  • Sunday night Erica and I were able to connect with ministry leaders from Clovis Hills Community Church, New Covenant Community Church and River Valley Church. It was a great time...I love sharing and hearing their ideas.
  • What WINS are you experiencing?

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