Monday, November 17, 2008

Tweet-up Sunday

Today I've been around more tweets than ever. This morning I started with my own neck of the woods, New Harvest Church:
@newharvest, @ericafoster, @gregzuff, @emilysilveira, @kaidimino, and @kellycha26 (we missed @stacyws and @redjester91)

Then we went to the Clovis Hills worship night and worshiped along with:
@ericafoster, @haugenpaul, @haugenjenn, @thilanirodrigo, @dhuff4, and @emilysilveira (we missed @nhuff and @aronstrong)

Then we went to Sarah Mundy's 25th birthday dinner at Red Robin with:
@ericafoster, @haugenpaul, @haugenjenn, @sarahmundy, @lukemundy, @chadlonetree, @liegedavis, @timbalint and @trhanson

Wow. That's a total of 16 different Tweets + me.

I love the Fresno/Clovis Twitter-network that has formed. I would have never hung out with these people if it weren't for Twitter. I guess that's why they call it "Social Networking."

I met four of these people for the first time today! And I felt like I already knew them. Strange, I know.

Who's in your extended network? Why haven't you set up a tweet-up?

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1 comment:

Liege said...

It was nice meeting you and Erica last night. The 4 of us should hang out some time :)