Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WINS from 11/9

Here are some WINS from Student Ministries,
  • Sunday, Cole Hoover, a 7th grader signed up to work in Student Impact as a Classroom Facilitator. Very Cool!
  • I was also informed that a student that had been serving in SI, but had never attended a student service before, just stopped serving. She just didn't come back from one Sunday to the next. When her area coordinator checked-in on her to see what had happened, she said that she had been attending our student services for the past few weeks and decided to go to that instead. Hopefully she'll start serving at 9am now!
  • Last Friday/Sat our 8th grade girls were very busy. They went out to eat Teppen-Yaki together (a small group outing) and they served food at the Two-Cities Marathon expo on Saturday. It's awesome to see our students taking an active interest in building relationships with one another and serving our community. (Picture Below)
  • I also stumbled across this little video/slide-show one of our students made. Click here.
  • Chris Hudiburgh, our volunteer Worship Coordinator/Band Leader, was able to attend the Orange Tour Conference in Simi Valley, along with some of our Family Life staff. He came back very fired up and I can't wait to debrief with the entire team this coming Monday.
  • Saturday night, 25 high school students went to Fresno Indoor Soccer and played some good ol' Dodgeball! I'm still sore, but it was a blast.
  • Sunday after service Ryan Smith told me that one of his students opened up to him and let him in on some things he's been struggling with. This is a huge win because that student felt comfortable and loved enough to let Ryan in on his world. Students don't do that with a lot of investment. Glad to see students being real.
  • Before our student service on Sunday most of our small group leaders gathered to pray over the morning and Ken Horton (small group leader / communicator) who was speaking to our high school students. He hasn't been feeling well and needed some support. It was a great unifying moment for us.
  • 5 of us also met post-service to talk and pray for over an hour. It was also a great time for us to just sit and celebrate some things together as well as pray for our students.
  • Some great things happening...and there's more right on the horizon. What are your WINS?  

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