Friday, August 17, 2007

Book: Communicating For A Change

I'm reading a book called Commnunicating For A Change (By Andy Stanley of North Point Community Church and Lane Jones) and it's pretty awesome. I just finished the first section, which is a story. A story about a Pastor/Preacher who is very unsatisfied with how his audience reactes to his messages. Simply put, they don't. They pat him on the back every week and say, "Great Job" or "One of your best!" And it eats him up.

Long story short, he makes his way to a man who has wisdom in the arena of communicating. He boils it down to ONE POINT. That's right. It's not a classic "3 Point Sermon," it's simply ONE point.

If you want to full scoop, you'll have to read it for yourself. There are 7 principles in the book and they're great. Check it out.

(Here's what another blogger had to say about the book.)

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