Thursday, August 23, 2007

Poem by Ryan Smith

I Dream Of A Place


God I dream of a place of never ending love, and joy.

A place where I can always have a child like heart; girl or boy.


I dream of a place were I can be with my loved ones and never say goodbye.

A place where nobody tells any hurtful evil lies.


I dream of a place were I can play forever and never need to go home.

A place where I never get sick, scared or left alone.


I dream of a place it’s not hot or real real cold.

A place where the streets are made of precious shimmering gold.


I dream of a place where there is no war or harmful fights.

A place where God, Creator and savior is in my glorious site.


I know this is the way it really should be.

One day we will unite God, Jesus and believer; that’s me!

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