Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On to the mushy stuff.

Now that I've filled you all in on our last week and a half of craziness. It's time to take a time out and reflect.

Erica and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Monday (August 13th). It's crazy! I remember taking a class for "serious and engaged couples" on Sunday mornings at the University Church of Christ, which sits on Pepperdine University's Malibu campus. Susan Giboney, a woman of God, offers this class every semester to students. It's a type of pre-marital counseling, not a substitute for, but helpful.

From week to week she would invite different couples in to share their experiences on various topics, money, romance, chores, etc. Without fail, almost all of them would share that their first two years of marriage were the hardest and most difficult.

Sitting on this side of two years I'm asking myself, "WHAT?!" If that's the toughest part...we are in for a lifetime of awesomeness.

These past two years have been great!

On Monday night we went to PF Chang's for dinner and started a new tradition. We sat down and started reviewing where we had been and what we had done since we'd been married. We included such things as living in Thousand Oaks, Whittier, I (Micah) got shingles, we had season passes to Disneyland, Erica graduated with her credential, we moved back to Fresno so that Micah could work at New Harvest Church, we got a dog (Cooper), moved to a rental house in Clovis and more.

It's a great exercise and I recommend it to everyone. Sit down with your spouse (if you have one) and talk it through. Look how far you've come and praise God for his blessings and grace.

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