Monday, August 20, 2007


Let's keep it simple. I believe that the God of the universe, creator, and redeemer is all for simplicity. He knows how easily people get confused and complicate things. I believe it is a scheme of the enemy of our soul to cloud our simple belief. He wants to make it seem too difficult or too crazy to believe in. But God introduces to us new clarity. Clarity that can only be found in the simplicity of belief. Jesus made it easy and simple for us, he paid the price for our failures. Because of this, we can enter into relationship with him. And when you are in a relationship with God, you've got a one-way ticket to paradise. And this paradise will not be affected by global warming or nuclear bombs. This paradise is perfect. But the thing that makes paradise paradise isn't it's eternal nature or it's inherent resistance to house's found in the presence of the Maker. Because the reward is found in the relationship with God, paradise is just a bonus. Are you ready to meet him?

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