Monday, August 27, 2007

Breaking My Box

I like to think that I think big. But even big for my little mind is way too small for God's will. Before Erica and I moved back to Fresno, I thought the largest youth/student ministry I'd ever be leading would be 50 students or so. I mean I would dream sometimes of having hundreds of students show up for an event or service, but then I'd walk into work and face the reality of a handful of students.

But then we moved.

Since then, my thoughts have been much larger and REALITY has supported the dream. Yesterday in our student service (Turnpike) we had a total of 109 people, 93 of them were students. This is a record for this ministry. I know, I's not all about quantity. But it sure does build momentum and create a wider sphere of influence.

I'm pumped. Because here's the deal. We've been projecting that when we moved into the new building (The Plant) we'd grow to about 120 students by sheer interest. So we've been planning for that and part of the plan was recruiting more volunteers to that we could actually retain that amount of students in our small group environment. But the Sunday that we moved a bunch of our new volunteers into their capacity...God did something unexpected, he brought a bunch of students early (about 20 more than our previous record).

So here's the deal. I think God's communicating something with us. And I think he's communicated it with thousands of people before through the movie Field of Dreams.

"If you build it, they will come." God has built it and He is bringing the people!

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