Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Give Us Clovis!

I just came back from a lunch with some youth workers (Northpark, Mountain View, New Hope, FCA, Youth For Christ, EV Free the Bridge) in the area. They invited me to Fugazzi's for a free can I say no? Evidently the bistro is owned by a Christian and gives free lunches to this network of youth pastors and workers when they meet there. (So, go support them, it's good food.) The purpose of the meeting was for Red Ribbon Week, which is a big deal in the Clovis Unified School District. Since these churches and organizations support what the schools are trying to do through RRW, they capitalize on the events they do. Locally, we're bringing in Stephen Lungu to speak at several Clovis and Fresno schools. Following those assemblies, there will be two huge outreach events. The Clovis even is scheduled for Oct. 24th @ 7pm-8:30pm. It will be at Clovis Hills. Basically the goal is to hook students through the speaker and assembly, offer them free pizza if they come to Clovis Hills that night and then while they are there...share the gospel. The follow up work will be done by the youth workers that volunteered to help. We're praying for God to give us Clovis. Give us the hearts of these teens so that we can point them toward Jesus. It's a pretty cool event and opportunity.

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