Monday, October 22, 2007

Wildfire 101 at Pepperdine via CNN

Wildfire 101 at Pepperdine

If you visit the link above you're going to see some remarkable imagery of the wildfire currently raging in Malibu, Ca. The Malibu Castle, Malibu Presbyterian Church and several other private homes have burned down. Students on Pepperdine University's campus were "evactuated" to the field house, library and cafeteria. Nathan Rix, senior, was there to report it all.

Nathan was on CNN. He'll be on FOX News and Hannity and Colmes later today. Click above to watch his CNN interview.

A wildfire driven by powerful Santa Ana winds threatens Pepperdine University and forces the evacuation of hundreds of homes in the Malibu Hills.

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Milan Ford said...

Hey Micah & Erica -

Thanks for posting something about the wildfires. They are affecting so many. I posted something recently as well on my blogspot, The Pew View.

God bless.

Milan Ford