Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How Many?

This is a picture of Tokyo taken by Matthew Clark Photography.

Look at all those lights! It's crazy. I wonder how many of those lights represent the people who follow Christ in Tokyo. I've been thinking about the shear mass of people on the planet and the percentage of that mass that actually follows Christ.

On a typical Sunday morning I think, "Wow, that's awesome that this many students chose to come to our student ministry environment today!" But lately I've been attending some high school football games and it has opened my eyes. We have just a few handfuls of the students that are in our community. There are actually thousands! Thousands of lost souls, thousands of empty-dying people, thousands of people Christ loves and wants to be close with!

I want to start praying this prayer: "God, give us Clovis. Not for our glory, but Yours!"

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