Thursday, December 25, 2008

Are you an Angel?

Erica took part in a very different kind of Christmas experiment this year. Her part was to come up with an artistic way of expressing the character of the Angel in the nativity story. Angel means "messenger" and thus is a bringer of good news. She asked different kids from the children's ministry to take part. On one side of the cardboard is written who told that person about Jesus and on the other side, who they can in turn tell. It was a powerful moment in the production. The song used is Majesty by Casey Darnell. It's not great video quality, but you get the idea. One of the little boy's signs said that the could tell the kid on the playground who is not nice to him about Jesus. It was pretty cool.

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1 comment:

Casey darnell said...

so awesome to watch this just now sittin here with my wife! Very encouraged to see songs born out of unique experiences and through God's timing and grace...seeing those songs cross the miles and reach people in a unique way!!! Thanks for sharing this with me and I'm honored that you used the song...sounded great!!

Merry Christmas!