Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The High Drama of Decision Making // Bill Hybels

I attended this year's Willow Creek Leadership Summit. If you're a regular reader, you may remember. I am revisiting what Bill Hybels said about decision making, becuase I've got a lot of decisions to make right now. I just came across a short summary from this blog. Here's the key points:

Traditionally Christian leaders ask:
1.    Does the Bible say anything about this?
2.    What do my leaders or advisors say?
3.    Pain, Gain, and Experience. Chronicle your decision making process so you can come back and learn from it.
4.    Is the Spirit prompting me?

Some helpful hints:
  • Sometimes you should make a trial decision and then walk around with it and see if brings life and peace.
  • Leaders can’t be decision adverse.
  • They also have to be able to take responsibility for it. If a decision turns out well thank God. If it doesn’t don’t blame others, take responsibility.
  • Leaders can distill and test their learning’s into short mantras or axioms that can be easily distilled throughout the organization.
  • Do you reflect often enough that you are operating out of the leadership axioms you have created from your learning?
Here are some of Hybels Axioms:
  • Vision leaks
  • Get the right people around the table
  • Facts are your friend – Reveal study
  • When something feels funky – engage
  • Leaders call fouls (on others or ourselves).

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