Monday, September 29, 2008

9/28 Student Ministry WINS

Here are some recent WINS within our student ministries:
  • I saw Blake Stephens, a 7th grader, on Friday and he told me that he'd be bringing three friends on Sunday! I was blown away. It's awesome to see students INVESTING in & INVITING their friends.
  • We had Turnpike and Catalyst in different rooms for our teaching/small groups portion of Sunday this past week. It seemed to go over smoothly and I think Turnpike liked the room they were in (peek into Rooms 9/10 when you get a chance)
  • Saturday, Ryan Smith (9/10 grade small group leader), held a sunset worship and communion gathering at his house. He asked a couple of people to come lead some worship music and he gave a talk. This was a grass-roots kind of gathering, very personal and spiritual. I love it!
  • Anita Lee, 8th grade girls leader, is inviting her girls to attend the Revolve Tour. She made fliers and give them out to her girls on Sunday. It is Awesome to see leaders taking an interest in their students!
  • Anita has also been keeping a free website/forum for her girls to interact with during the week. She gave them printed out reminders about it...I'll attach it.
  • Starting on Oct. 12th, there will be 2 8th grade small groups. One led by Anita and another led by Barbara Hamel! Yes!
  • Kent and Kristie Robison will start as freshman small group leaders this Sunday! Everybody celebrate with me here on this one!
  • Tara and Mark Ribera have started bringing their neighbors to NHC! They brought a sophomore on Sunday to Catalyst for the first time!
  • I saw Ryan Beers (Junior boy from Clovis High) last week and he was so excited that we moved Catalyst to 10:45 and he said, "I'll be there every Sunday!" Glad to see students excited about what's happening!
  • Last week, Sep. 24, was "See You @ The Poll" and I went to Buchanan in the morning to support the movement. I took some footage of some of our students, which you can see in this video I made for Sunday.
  • After Turnpike/Catalyst students hung around yesterday and ate pizza. It was cool to see them hanging out and building community.
  • After service two girls that have been coming to Catalyst for a few months made their way onto the stage and were looking at the lyric sheets for the songs that we had sung. They started singing quietly to themselves and I just saw a glimpse of God making his way into their lives and hearts! Praise Him!
  • Yesterday afternoon I received a txt message from a student that said, "Hey sorry I didn't tell you this earlier but ur word today was awesome I could really relate! Looking forward to youth services this year!"
What WINS are you experiencing?

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