Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Baptism Ever

Last Sunday Erica (on Twitter) and I (on Twitter) were on vacation. We went to my friend's wedding, Bobby Norris, (pictures later) and we were able to attend Buckhead Church (on Twitter) on Sunday morning. We went to the 11am service. It was awesome! Casey Darnell (on Twitter) led worship. Los (on Twitter) gave us a tour of the campus (video to come). And Simon was baptized by Jeff Henderson (on Twitter). They had some technical problems with Simon's testimony video and as Carlos said afterwards, "God put his finger in the machine." Enjoy the video!

Embedded Video

Later that day we went to lunch with Ryan and Courtney Fitzgerald (on twitter - Ryan and Courtney). I love making new friends! Then in the afternoon we got to go to Buckhead's InsideOut (High School Ministry) and meet with their Director and Groups/Admin Cooridnator. Great people!

I'll post pictures of our visit to the Georgia Aquarium. It was a great trip.

But the most exciting part of it all is what happened at New Harvest Church (on Twitter) while we were gone. Read my previous post for some of the WINS from Sunday.

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ryan w fitzgerald said...

man, it was great meeting you guys!