Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Recent WINS

Hello Interested Allies,
Together we're contending HARD for the faith. Here are some recent WINS we've experienced.
  • On Sunday we had AMPLIFY. It was a huge success! We brought A Current Affair in to do a concert, played some dodgeball and gave a simple gospel message.
  • We had 108 students register (approx. another 30-40 unregistered guests). 15 of those registered guests indicated that they do not attend church at all. 20 of them indicated that they attend another area church and the rest indicated that they attend NHC.
  • We saw students we haven't seen in a long time emerge at this event. I spoke with several students I've never met that say they go to main service with their parents.
  • I met a handful of students from Craig V.'s music class at FSU. They were there to do a paper/report on the concert...but they also heard the gospel. I'm praying God uses those seeds and waters them!
  • The students LOVED the band. You can see a highlight video here. You can see some pictures here.
  • Last thursday night there was a parent meeting with the parents of some core families. The result...unity. We had some tough conversations and came away with a resolve to do what's best for everyone.
  • Last night at Re:action several students shared how God is working in their lives. Here are some quick examples: stopped drinking, excitement to be involved in ministry, overcoming deep depression through authentic Acts 2 community, pouring into specific relationships (investing), and excitement for what God's about to do.
  • Your story.

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