Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Recent Student Ministry WINs

Here are some WINs we've been experiencing in our Student Ministry department...
  • We had 2 new Student Impact volunteer sign-ups from our Jr High students yesterday. Our students continue to step up to the service plate!
  • We had a guest worship band from Clovis Hills in Catalyst last night! They really rocked it!
  • Erica, our Children's Ministry Director, introduced me to a woman who is going to serve as a Small Group Leader in Turnpike. She loves Jr. High students and has a lot of experience with them. We are always excited for new volunteers.
  • Pastor Mitch delivered a great message yesterday and he said some REALLY challenging things for all of us. Let's continue to work together for the sake of the next generation!
  • I'm seeing a lot of determination from parents! They are really, really, really excited about partnering with the church to help disciple their students!
  • AMPLIFY is this weekend. A CURRENT AFFAIR is excited about playing here and they've been praying for students to show who need to hear about Jesus!
  • Sunday, during our Turnpike worship band practice, I told the band, "I need two volunteers to go into PitStop during first service and help out." Immediately two hands went up Ian DiMino and Nic Smith. They jumped at the opportunity to serve. That's what I like to see!
  • Yesterday was Matt Terra's first day in Turnpike as a Small Group Leader. Matt will be helping with the 8th grade boys, which enables me to facilitate OnDeck (something we've been missing since we left CW). OnDeck is for visiting or returning students. I get to know them a little, help them fill out a visitor form and introduce them to their potential small group. This brings the anxiety of going directly into a group they don't know decrease exponentially!
  • Sunday, Carole Blomgren, an awesome volunteer in CM and an active parent, told Greg Zuffelato, Director of Family Life, that she and her husband would love to lead a Parent Prayer Group during our new lunch time (12:15-1pm)! This is amazing! Imagine it...parents coming together somewhere on campus to contend and pray for one-another, our NHC families and students!!!
  • Kelly Chandler, a college freshman (one of our recent grads and Re:action student), told me yesterday that she'd love to give her testimony and speak in Turnpike/Catalyst. Awesome! We've been missing that female voice in our speaking rotation. We'll meet again and talk some more about this possibility, but I am very excited about this prospect.
  • I got an email from Ryan Rothford (some of you know this name) last week. He told me that he's recently rededicated his life to Christ and upon his return from Switzerland (laster this month or early next month), he'd love to serve in our Student Ministries! I'll be meeting with him when he gets into town.
  • I've heard some rumblings of a couple of leaders, Anita Lee and Steve Bollier, planning Small Group Outings! Fantastic...that's what I like to see.
  • Anita Lee has created a wiki page for her girls to connect and talk about what's going on beyond Sunday. What a great resource...meeting the students where they are!
  • Ken and Debbie Horton, SGLs in Catalyst, have planned a three large group fellowship times for Catalyst students to come together and build community in a safe environment. I'm looking for a couple of people to do the same for Turnpike...any takers?
Have some WINs? Tell me about 'em!

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Thurman8er said...

Right now, I'm just happy to read all of YOUR WINs.